Sunday, September 8, 2013

Change in the air

 I just want to start of with a morning sunrise picture.
It's the best part of a new day. Everything is new and fresh, a chance to start all over again.
I woke up this fine Sunday morning to rain on the roof and the fresh air that comes after a rain. The seasons are changing and we are all so happy to see the change.
Like everything else we always try our best to choose places where we will feel at home. So today I would like to share where we are . We have met and made so many good friends everywhere we sell. We have created  a Facebook group because we love bringing people together and helping promote their stores. Granted there are times when I have to drop back a little and and not do as much but all in all I always feel happy when I am doing something for someone else and at this time this is my venue.
All of us, working artists, have a really big job. Not only are we making products everyday we are shipping, answering emails, promoting. There is a lot going on, and that is just business.
John and I have a successful business making leather handbags of all kinds and styles, baby moccasins, flute bags, pipe bags, custom bags of all kinds and styles. We have been doing this long before we were online.
We have a website Thunder Rose Leather where many different people have commissioned us to make all different kinds of things.
We joined Handmade Artists , a fantastic community of wonderful people and the owners Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen, a husband and wife team, are really great people and are always listening to the artists. Being artists themselves they totally get what it takes.
This is our store on Handmade Artists Thunder Rose Leather.
We are also proud members of the  Handmade Artist's Forum where we have met so many great artists. There is a blog ring where you can get involved and blog different Artists each week or you can just do you're own blog post featuring all the different amazing Artist's that work so hard everyday. The thing I love so much about Handmade Artists is they are so open to Handmade Artists. You are free to tell everyone where you sell and get really open, good advise about selling on line.
We have also opened up a store on Zibbet .
We are new here but are finding it to be a really nice place to sell.
Here is our new store on Zibbet Thunder Rose Leather
We are starting to make friends here in the Zibbet community.
Our leather and bead work is all made to order. Every piece is custom just for you with attention to detail no matter where you buy from us. We take good care of our customers. What matters most is when you receive your special piece of functional art from us you are satisfied. 
Thanks for reading my Sunday Morning thoughts.
Love and peace!
Happy creating!