Sunday, June 8, 2014

Featuring Handmade Artists Kimberly and Andrew

I would like to introduce you to Kimberly Kitchen and Andrew Kitchen . They are a awesome couple that are the administrators / owners of
The first part of my feature was all about Handmade Artists selling site. You can read all about that here Handmade Artists Selling Online
Today I would like to share the art the Kimberly and Andrew.
So lets get started.
First I would like to share Kimberly's art with you. She makes stunning jewelry from sea glass.

On Kimberly's website Makin' The Best of It  you can find beautiful hand painted glassware.


This would make the perfect wedding gift for a new couple just starting out .

You can also find  custom painted wedding invitations and Altered art at Makin' the Best of It.


Kimberly also has a very wonderful website where she shares many different handmade artists and you may advertise your business by writing your own posts. It is a super website with many interesting articles.

To see more go here:

It's Better Handmade


Now lets take a look at Andrew Kitchen's simply elegant chainmaille jewelry


As you can see there are so many beautiful chainmaille bracelets, earrings and necklaces to choice from. They would make a special and elegant gift for your loved one or friend.

 On Andrew's website you can find a variety of  Chainmaille Jewelry


 Chainmaille is an ancient art that dates back before the 5th century.  The process involves interweaving rings of various sizes into intricate patterns to create wearable metal art.  In ancient times, chainmaille served the useful purpose of protecting soldiers in battle; but, since there are very few jousting matches happening on modern streets, chainmaille has evolved into wearable art.  ChainmailleByMBOI creates pieces using a variety of metals including Sterling Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, and Bronze.

So many great finds here for summer fashion, home decor and great gifts for friends and family.
Be sure to go by and take a look .
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