Thursday, December 26, 2013

Featured Artist Diana from Luna Essence

Today I would like to introduce you to Diana Marie LaRocca Saputo of Luna Essence. Diana makes beautiful, handmade, one of a kind jewelry.

Luna Essence

Luna Essence

Featured Artist Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite

Diana Marie LaRocca Saputo  of Luna Essence is This Weeks Featured Artist on Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite Gemstones intrigued me , of course what girl doesn't love jewelry? At Luna Essence you will find Handmade Earrings, Bracelets , Pendants , Vintage, Necklaces and Handbags. All ship within one business day . Jewelry comes in Gift Boxes . Plus once you make your purchase -You will receive 10% OFF with a TULUNAESSENCE COUPON CODE on Purchases of $20.00 or more

Stunning Designs for a more stunning you!  

Find Luna Essence  on:
Etsy   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Are you On Fire for Handmade? Shop at On Fire Gift Guide!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Beading rainbows

I love to bead rainbows. This simple style leather handbag has rainbow bead work down the sides of the bag.

This small leather handbag is a perfect size for carrying a small amount of things with you.
Its a place to keep your smartphone by your side for easy access.
This bag features a four point braided strap that is perfect for wearing crossbody or for tying around your waist.

Today's blog post is short and sweet.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Handmade leather tote by Thunder Rose Leather

 We have a  new bag to show you here at
 Lets start with this beaded sunburst large tote.
This elk skin leather tote with a beaded sunburst is a great handbag for your everyday needs. It has an extra pocket inside and a comfortable strap if you like to wear your handbags crossbody.
This bohemian gypsy style is for the free spirited person who likes to be different and unique. It goes well with your skirts or a pair of jeans. This bag is designed by us, beaded by us, one stitch at a time and one bead at a time.
There is a lot that goes into making a bag. All the way from laying out those large elkskin hides and finding just the right pieces for a bag, cutting and punching the whole bag out, cutting the sewing laces and cutting the fringe.Then sitting down to sew.
Once the bag is complete there are finishing touches. Cutting the antler toggle and buttons and attaching them. 

Each fringe is tied on one at a time.
 You can see the antler buttons on the side giving this leather tote even more support and a beautiful decoration.

The bead work, a sunburst rosette is beaded in an assortment of rainbow colored beads. It is made and then sewn onto the bag.
I love to lace around my bead work designs to enhance the look.
It gives the bag and the bead work a different dimension.
You can find this bag here
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Featured Artist Jen Liput Deadhead Art Alliance

Today I am going to showcase Jen Liput. I first met Jen when I was invited to her Etsy team.
We have been friends ever since. She honored me one day by making me a leader of her fantastic team.
Deadhead Art Alliance Team on Etsy

 Crafts by Deadheads, Lot Rats, Swilly mamas, live music lovers, nomads and crafting tour kids. Sharing our way of life through love and art.

You can find us from the lots of the dead shows to the far reaching ends of the universe, We are a group of artists that have seen the love of the family in one another's art, and as independent artisans, family businesses and artists have come together as a team to promote one another's artistic creations. We take great pride in handmade, and We hope you take the time to get to know each individual artist, every one with their own story, and their own heart
Jen created The Deadhead Art Alliance Team  in April of 2012. The team has grown so much this year. Jen is a passionte Captain always thinking of new ways to promote Deadhead Artists. Every month she does a fantastic blog post featuring one of the handmade artists from her team. I was so honored and so touched by the article Jen featured me in
Deadhead Art Alliance Blog

She also created a beautiful website for the team
Deadhead Art Alliance Team Website

and a team store
Deadhead Art Alliance Team store

As you can see Jen is a very busy woman.

Meet Jen.
Forever an artist, but in glass I found my soul. I am a child of light that comes from a family of artists that fuel our creation through our love of live music and good energy always grateful for  those who showed us the way. All who wander are not lost.

Jen has two stores of her own.

Pacific Northwest Glass Blowing
Jen specializes in Contemporary Glass Art Marbles and Sculptural Glassworks, modern sculpture, psychedelic paintings,and mixed medium creations

 Contemporary  Art Glass Marble

Dichroic Galaxy Multiverse Glow Blacklight Marble

This is Jen's other store

Ocean Beach Glass

Glass Drink Stir Sticks

Sea Glass Necklace with Jade Finishes

Jen's Artwork is so beautiful. Creating  glass marbles, jewelry, glass stirs for you cocktails and smoothies .

Mushroom Glass Sculpture

Glass sculptures for home decor. Adding a unique, colorful decoration to your home.

This is just a few of Jen's beautiful pieces of glass art.

To see more go here

Ocean Beach Glass on Etsy

Pacific Northwest Glassblowing

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas colors from Handmade Artists

Lets take a look at some bright cheery Christmas colors from our friends at 
There are many different gift ideas you can find on this site of wonderful handmade artists.

 This would make any Christmas tree sparkle with love and lace.


I love the beautiful mix of colors in this warm, soft handmade scarf.
This scarf is so fashionable for wearing during the holiday season or to give as a gift to a special friend or family member.


These beautiful coral red and turquoise colored earrings would be perfect to wear to your holiday party's. They are so festive.


This beautiful chainmaille  charm bracelet is made just for you by this handmade artist.


This beaded cell phone sleeve is made and beaded by me in Rainbow colors. It is a great small Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.


Check out this highlight for more gift ideas.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Handmade Artist's

It's Friday night and I am in the mood to blog some of my good friends from Handmade Artist's. 
There is an on going blog ring in the community forum
where every week the blog ring blogs their members. This week I decided to join in and share in the blogging fun.
 First I would like to tell you how much I appreciate this selling site. First I have made some good friends here in the community.  Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen who are the owners of this site are dedicated to all Handmade art. This means there are no manufactured items on this site. They are both Artist's themselves and really understand all the things small business owners trying to sell their Art's and craft's deal with on a day to day basis.
Now lets move on to some of the wonderful art you can find on
          Handmade Artists' Shop!

 Hand knit in blue and white.

 Classic chic handcrafted jewelry

 Handcrafted wearable art jewelry

 This scarf makes a great gift for a loved one.

 This piece is part of Iknitquiltsew's wearable art / displayable jewelry collection.

Handcrafted with Montanna Blue Swarovski crystal

Handmade necklace featuring a beautiful faceted pendant.

This is one of ours and is featured in our Handmade Artist's store.

Handmade, hand stitched  fringed leather bag.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Be Free to Just Be > A poem by me

Be Free to Just Be

Be free to just be in the moment.

Let the restless winds blow without doing anything.

They don't last long. They come, they go. 
Be still. Be free.

The Great Mother , Mother of all Mothers, nourishes 
you spirit as you rest in her, with her.

Letting it be.
Just be still in the moment.

By Debbie Rodgers

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black leather tote

How many of you like a good handbag? One that you know is going to last a long time, that is durable, beautiful, can be worn with any outfit you have from jeans to a beautiful skirt. 
This crossbody tote  is perfect for all that plus it can be used for a 14 inch drum if you are into going to drumming ceremonies or want to carry your drum to the sweat lodge. It is so all purpose. This black leather tote would make a great carry on on the airplane. You could have all your essentials right there with you.
This tote measures 14 inches x 14 inches x 4 1/2 inches and has an extra pocket inside and a comfortable flat strap that can be made any length you like.
Here are a few more pictures to show you this beautiful leather tote for all sides.

A beautiful multi purpose handbag / tote from all sides.

To see more go here

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Change in the air

 I just want to start of with a morning sunrise picture.
It's the best part of a new day. Everything is new and fresh, a chance to start all over again.
I woke up this fine Sunday morning to rain on the roof and the fresh air that comes after a rain. The seasons are changing and we are all so happy to see the change.
Like everything else we always try our best to choose places where we will feel at home. So today I would like to share where we are . We have met and made so many good friends everywhere we sell. We have created  a Facebook group because we love bringing people together and helping promote their stores. Granted there are times when I have to drop back a little and and not do as much but all in all I always feel happy when I am doing something for someone else and at this time this is my venue.
All of us, working artists, have a really big job. Not only are we making products everyday we are shipping, answering emails, promoting. There is a lot going on, and that is just business.
John and I have a successful business making leather handbags of all kinds and styles, baby moccasins, flute bags, pipe bags, custom bags of all kinds and styles. We have been doing this long before we were online.
We have a website Thunder Rose Leather where many different people have commissioned us to make all different kinds of things.
We joined Handmade Artists , a fantastic community of wonderful people and the owners Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen, a husband and wife team, are really great people and are always listening to the artists. Being artists themselves they totally get what it takes.
This is our store on Handmade Artists Thunder Rose Leather.
We are also proud members of the  Handmade Artist's Forum where we have met so many great artists. There is a blog ring where you can get involved and blog different Artists each week or you can just do you're own blog post featuring all the different amazing Artist's that work so hard everyday. The thing I love so much about Handmade Artists is they are so open to Handmade Artists. You are free to tell everyone where you sell and get really open, good advise about selling on line.
We have also opened up a store on Zibbet .
We are new here but are finding it to be a really nice place to sell.
Here is our new store on Zibbet Thunder Rose Leather
We are starting to make friends here in the Zibbet community.
Our leather and bead work is all made to order. Every piece is custom just for you with attention to detail no matter where you buy from us. We take good care of our customers. What matters most is when you receive your special piece of functional art from us you are satisfied. 
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

THUNDER ROSE LEATHER Leather and Beads New Etsy Store

Do you enjoy crafting  and trying new things? 
Check out this box of leather scraps.

 Many of you know John and I. We have an Etsy store with our finished products 
This is where we make many different items from leather handbags, pipe bags, flute bags, cedar bags, leather clutches, baby moccasins to small medicine bags. I also do a lot of bead work. In the process of all this we make a lot of leather scraps of all colors and sizes all day long. Our shop is  full of leather scraps. 
I am always ordering new seed beads for the bead work I do and decided why not destash my extra beads.
So, we decided to add a new dimension to our Etsy world and open a second shop where we are selling our leather scraps and seed beads at a good price. 
There will always be more leather scraps to add to our new store because everyday we are cutting up elkskin leather hides to make bags. 
Here are a few we have to offer.


We also have a few different colors of glass seed beads. Mostly size 11/0 czech , glass seed beads.
I am destashing the beads that I will not be using any time soon.
Here are a few that I have.

I have a few more colors of seed beads to de-stash. These are seed beads that I use everyday for my beadwork. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
I have more colors in the new store. We will be adding more leather scraps as we go. We are always making more.
Check it out here



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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Featured artisan Diana Marie LaRocca Suputo of Luna Essence

Luna Essence

Luna Essence

Featured Artist Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite

Diana Marie LaRocca Saputo  of Luna Essence is This Weeks Featured Artist on Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite Gemstones intrigued me , of course what girl doesn't love jewelry? At Luna Essence you will find Handmade Earrings, Bracelets , Pendants , Vintage, Necklaces and Handbags. All ship within one business day . Jewelry comes in Gift Boxes . Plus once you make your purchase -You will receive 10% OFF with a TULUNAESSENCE COUPON CODE on Purchases of $20.00 or more

Stunning Designs for a more stunning you!

Find Luna Essence  on:
Etsy   Blog   Facebook   Twitter

Grab the Code for your Blog HERE

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Emerald Green Art

Today I would like to feature Pam Andrews who makes one of a kind beautiful jewelry . Pam is a Mother and Grandmother with a passion for working with beads. Pam is also a fellow artist that I met on our blog ring on Handmadeartists .  This round our theme is emerald green , one of my many favorite colors. First I would like to show you one of Pam's emerald green bracelets I found  in her shop.


 Going with the theme emerald green I also found some really beautiful  mugs  that are perfect for your morning coffee or afternoon cup of tea.
These are from another fantastic shop on 

                         Emerald green Mugs

 These large ceramic mugs are glazed with a light emerald green translucent glaze layered randomly with an accenting crystal glaze, a perfect his or hers set. These mugs hold 20 ounces and are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Do you love dragonflys? I do and I make many different beaded dragonflys in many colors. This is one of my most popular beaded dragonfly leather bags . The main color of this beadwork is emerald green.

Our shop.

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