Thursday, December 5, 2013

Featured Artist Jen Liput Deadhead Art Alliance

Today I am going to showcase Jen Liput. I first met Jen when I was invited to her Etsy team.
We have been friends ever since. She honored me one day by making me a leader of her fantastic team.
Deadhead Art Alliance Team on Etsy

 Crafts by Deadheads, Lot Rats, Swilly mamas, live music lovers, nomads and crafting tour kids. Sharing our way of life through love and art.

You can find us from the lots of the dead shows to the far reaching ends of the universe, We are a group of artists that have seen the love of the family in one another's art, and as independent artisans, family businesses and artists have come together as a team to promote one another's artistic creations. We take great pride in handmade, and We hope you take the time to get to know each individual artist, every one with their own story, and their own heart
Jen created The Deadhead Art Alliance Team  in April of 2012. The team has grown so much this year. Jen is a passionte Captain always thinking of new ways to promote Deadhead Artists. Every month she does a fantastic blog post featuring one of the handmade artists from her team. I was so honored and so touched by the article Jen featured me in
Deadhead Art Alliance Blog

She also created a beautiful website for the team
Deadhead Art Alliance Team Website

and a team store
Deadhead Art Alliance Team store

As you can see Jen is a very busy woman.

Meet Jen.
Forever an artist, but in glass I found my soul. I am a child of light that comes from a family of artists that fuel our creation through our love of live music and good energy always grateful for  those who showed us the way. All who wander are not lost.

Jen has two stores of her own.

Pacific Northwest Glass Blowing
Jen specializes in Contemporary Glass Art Marbles and Sculptural Glassworks, modern sculpture, psychedelic paintings,and mixed medium creations

 Contemporary  Art Glass Marble

Dichroic Galaxy Multiverse Glow Blacklight Marble

This is Jen's other store

Ocean Beach Glass

Glass Drink Stir Sticks

Sea Glass Necklace with Jade Finishes

Jen's Artwork is so beautiful. Creating  glass marbles, jewelry, glass stirs for you cocktails and smoothies .

Mushroom Glass Sculpture

Glass sculptures for home decor. Adding a unique, colorful decoration to your home.

This is just a few of Jen's beautiful pieces of glass art.

To see more go here

Ocean Beach Glass on Etsy

Pacific Northwest Glassblowing

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