Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Today's theme for my featured artists is peace. To me peace is a state of mind and heart in which we can find clarity in our every day lives. Sometimes this can be a challenge to achieve. I thought I'd share with you a few things that make my mind and heart feel peaceful.
First of all my main featured artist Colette from 

These beautiful spring green earrings are so soft and delicate. Perfect for wearing on a romantic evening to a peaceful, loving dinner with your significant other.
You can also find Colette here

Another way to feel relaxed and peaceful is by taking a hot bath with some great smelling bath salts. 
Reef Botanical's can take care of all of your needs for the perfect relaxing bath. A place where you can quite your mind , meditate and let go.

Reef Botanical's 

 A symbol that makes me feel peace is the turtle. It reminds me of Mother Earth and a slow relaxed pace.
I do alot of beadwork in my everday life and I love beading turtles.
This is one I made for one of our leather crossbody bags

Bohemian gypsy crossbody bag 

 Thanks for stopping by my blog. 
Many blessings for a life filled with peace. 
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