Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thunder Rose Leather Beaded Turtle Messenger Bag and my beautiful garden

Today I thought I'd share our newest leather bag in our Etsy store.


This is one of latest leather messenger bags we made. This one has a beautiful beaded turtle.

This beaded leather messenger bag with a beautiful beaded turtle is made of chocolate elkskin leather. It features a comfortable flat strap that is perfect for wearing crossbody. This handbag has an extra pocket inside and one on the back of the bag. This is a great bag for your laptop or for anyone that loves a large bag for their everyday use. The beaded turtle is done in glass seed beads. There is tied fringe down the sides of this messenger bag.
This leather handbag is offered is several different colors of elkskin leather. Our shop is all made to order so we will make your strap length to fit your needs.
You can find this bag here


Everyday life after making leather and beads .
I have been working at planting a small garden. Something I love to do every spring.

So here are a few pics from our organic garden so far. You will see weeds and grass. I do what I can . I don't use any chemicals. I make my own dirt from my compost. This is not a better homes and garden garden this is a country, down home, easy going garden.

Lemon Balm it makes a really refreshing tea. Like mint it loves to grow.

This is a leek. It will be going to seed soon. We love leeks around here.

This is my mullein plant. I will be harvesting this one soon and letting my other one go to seed.
I collected seeds one day when we were cutting fire wood in the woods. Thought I'd see if they would grow here in our garden. They replant themselves every year.
The other little plant you see is a swiss chard that will be going to seed soon. The little birds really love eating the leaves.

This is a volunteer arugula plant that came up along side the raised bed. I will be collecting the seeds soon.

My jerusalem artichokes are very happy. They are really good in salads and love to grow in Arizona.

I planted purple cabbage this year. I don't usually grow cabbage. I have learned that the moths come and lay eggs to the cabbage family and that's that. It gets hot fast here. So my plan is to let them go till the moths come. Eat the beautiful purple leaves. I have some rainbow chard growing in with them so when they come out the rainbow chard will be growing and ready to eat soon.
 A  couple more leeks.

This our my fur baby Rosie. Waiting on me to go for a walk. She is so patient. We love her so much. She is a really fantastic family member and friend. We are so lucky to have her.

So this is it. I love my connection to Mother Earth . I am very grateful for my beads and leather. My family means everything to me.
Much love and light to all!