Saturday, August 24, 2013

THUNDER ROSE LEATHER Leather and Beads New Etsy Store

Do you enjoy crafting  and trying new things? 
Check out this box of leather scraps.

 Many of you know John and I. We have an Etsy store with our finished products 
This is where we make many different items from leather handbags, pipe bags, flute bags, cedar bags, leather clutches, baby moccasins to small medicine bags. I also do a lot of bead work. In the process of all this we make a lot of leather scraps of all colors and sizes all day long. Our shop is  full of leather scraps. 
I am always ordering new seed beads for the bead work I do and decided why not destash my extra beads.
So, we decided to add a new dimension to our Etsy world and open a second shop where we are selling our leather scraps and seed beads at a good price. 
There will always be more leather scraps to add to our new store because everyday we are cutting up elkskin leather hides to make bags. 
Here are a few we have to offer.


We also have a few different colors of glass seed beads. Mostly size 11/0 czech , glass seed beads.
I am destashing the beads that I will not be using any time soon.
Here are a few that I have.

I have a few more colors of seed beads to de-stash. These are seed beads that I use everyday for my beadwork. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
I have more colors in the new store. We will be adding more leather scraps as we go. We are always making more.
Check it out here



Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
Have a beautiful day!
Happy Creating!

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