Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thunder Rose Leather It's all about handmade

Today I would like to show you a few things from our Handmade Artist's shop
 This morning I woke up and decided to create a highlight on Handmade Artists.
A highlight is the same thing as a treasury, except you get to put 20 artists in and everyone's highlight is on the front page of Handmade Artists. Each artist in the highlight gets a picture of there art on the front page of Handmade Artists. So it's very fair for all artists. 
Spring is right around the corner so I thought I'd show a couple of  signs of spring and summer that are to come.

This is a  crossbody handbag with a beaded hummingbird. It's made of soft, palamino elkskin leather with contrasting saddle elkskin lace. This leather bag is perfect for your smartphone and a few other items.


This fringed leather crossbody handbag  with a beaded dragonfly is made of durable tobacco elkskin leather .
This bag features an extra pocket inside and one on the back and an adjustable 4 point braided strap.
The beaded dragonfly is beaded with glass seed beads in rainbow bead colors.
A great fringed leather crossbody bag for the person who loves dragonflys and having a special bag with them always.


This is the highlight I made this beautiful spring morning.

 This is it for today. Thanks for stopping in and taking a look.
Love and Light!
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