Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thoughts of friends spring and summer

I have some things to share that are very helpful to your business . I also am going to do something that I love to do, share a friend of mine and finally I will share something of my own that I believe will be a fun thing to have for hiking and spending time in the woods or by the creek. Kind of a personal thing  that I love. So, to get started I want to share Kimberly and Andrew Kitchen who  are working so hard to help promote the handmade community. I want to focus on a site that they created to help all handmade artists from all over the world to have a place to promote their handmade art. This is a place for you to promote your handmade art for free.

><<><>What they are about ><><><

It's better handmade (IBH) is comprised of crafter's and artists in all types of mediums who come together to support one another both personally through growing friendships as well as in business through advise, support, critiques and discussions. Each member brings different gifts to the table both artistically and business minds and by creating a centralized place for them to come together, each artist can continue to learn and grow in both art and business.

If  you are a handmade artist  you should go by and check out this wonderful website.This is a free website to promote your handmade art and make friends.


I would like to share a friend of mine

April's passion is working with glass. She makes all her own beads. She melts glass into her own beads and uses them in her jewelry designs.  She uses  a technique called lampworking to make her glass beads.
Handcrafted glass beads takes time, patience and much practice. As you can see by the pictures below April has mastered making beads and jewelry.
Your work is amazing April!!!!


As you can see April is an amazing artist with a passionate heart for her beautiful beads and jewelry. 
I chose these two pieces because I think they are great pieces to wear through the spring and summer months. This jewelry has a soft, spring flavor and made with love.


If you like to hike and go for walks and even possibly play a flute I have a beautiful beaded hummingbird native flute bag for you to carry with you on your journey.


 A beaded leather flute bag is special place to carry your special native flute. It has a four point braided strap to wear crossbody as you hike to your favorite place.
I chose this bag with the beaded hummingbird to honor the spring and summer months.

I wish you all a beautiful spring and a lovely summer filled with peace , love and joy.

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