Monday, December 26, 2016

Beaded wolf paw medicine bag

Good Morning! I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend.
It's a new day , a new week and today I am going to show you a beaded wolf paw medicine bag that is for sale on

Wolf Paw Medicine Bag

Wolf Paw Medicine Bag

Wolf Paw Medicine Bag

This wolf paw medicine bag measures 5 inches tall x 4 inches wide and has a 36 inch neck strap. This small leather pouch is a perfect place to keep a special keepsake or your favorite medicine.
It is $40.00
All handmade and hand stitched.
Made to order in your favorite color of leather.

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Debbie and John

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beaded Four Directions Clutch , Native tobacco bag

 Good morning and welcome to winter! 
Today I want to show you a beaded four directions clutch. This leather pouch makes a great tobacco bag to go with your sacred pipe. 

Beaded Leather Clutch

Beaded four directions tobacco bag

Beaded leather pipe tobacco bag with tie closure

Open tobacco shamans bag

Open tobacco  / pipe bag for medicine of your choice

As you can see this is a sweet pouch for your medicines. I am very aware that not all tribes have their colors in the directions you see here, so please contact me if you are interested in this pouch and let me know where you like your colors. Our bags are custom designed just for you.
I just added this to our new shop

It's a new shop , stand alone website so we don't have a lot added right now but we are working on it. You are welcome to contact us if you have a specific need. We make pipe bags and many other bags that you can see here


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Have a beautiful winter! Stay safe and warm!
Debbie and John

Friday, August 26, 2016

Newborn baby moccasins

                            Good morning and Happy Friday! Today I am going to share some really sweet baby moccasins from my ArtYah Shop.
We make these leather moccasins by cutting from a very large hide, punching them with our leather tools and then sewing them. If you decide to buy a beaded pair we bead them with just the right colors of beads for your newborn. We are a very hands on handmade shop and all things are made with love. John and I have been creating these for over 25 years and we have some very satisfied customers from way back.  I gave them to all four of my Grand Children, keeping their little feet all warm and cozy. The ones I am showing you measure 3.5 inches heel to toe. 
These small baby shoes make a really great gift for anew mom and baby and are a big hit for a baby shower gift.
Take a look!


These newborn baby shoes are for sale in my ArtYah shop for $24.00.
What an awesome handmade gift for someone you love!
If you would like a different color please feel free to contact us.
Just click on this link and you will be there

Have a beautiful day and fun weekend!
Debbie and John

Monday, August 15, 2016

ArtYah a new selling site

Good morning friends! Today I would like to share a new selling site that many of my friends are joining. It is an "all handmade site" with great customer service. The site is called ARTYAH.
John and I decided to open a shop ( Thunder Rose) on ArtYah and we really like the site. Many of us artists are all about handmade and not really interested in manufacturing out our beautiful art that we have worked so hard to create for many years. We have always enjoyed being one of a kind and taking care of our customers ourselves. We know when we make a handmade item for you it is going to be the best of us and not someone else's hands in the making of it. That said I would like you to also know that vintage and supplies are also part of ArtYah's site. That is so awesome! 
Today I am going to share a few of my ArtYah friends! 
So if you are an artist and love selling your handmade goods , vintage or supplies come by and check out the details.
If you are a buyer and would like to check us out come on by.

I love this wooden folk art wall hanging. Everytime you look at this it brings joy to your heart. It is so fun!


What fun it is to have your own personal favorite tape measure in your sewing room. I adore these. I know in my shop I love having fun personal items for my enjoyment. Oh and what a great gift for a friend!


Do you do yoga? I do and these are a really great idea for those winter months when you need a little warmth while you are on the floor doing your yoga. Love these!


Isn't this just the cutest wall hanging . I can see this in a nursery or a child's special room . It is so comforting and adorable. What a great gift for a new mom or a toddler's birthday.


This is a purple phone bag from my shop.  A great as a crossbody bag where you can keep your phone and a few other items when you are at a festival or out on the town.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look.
Be sure and check out all the great items on ArtYah!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Project

First of all I want to say I have turned off google + comments on my blog. Mostly because I want for anyone to be able to post a comment without having to sign up for google +. So I did loose all the comments I have ever had on this blog but that's okay. They are all in the past and it's a new day and what a good place to be, in the present moment. 
The title of the blog post is a new project and that is what I am up too. I am creating a website It is real new so I don't have a lot on it just yet. 
This is my way to feel like I have something that someone else (corporate America) doesn't have control of in our business life. Sometimes you just get everything going in a good direction and some ceo or programmer decides to totally go in a different direction and there you are. Don't get me wrong I am good with change and know it is a necessary part of life but  I also feel a need to create something new. 
I am not upset or talking about any one person or place in particular just have this need to do something different, call it divine inspiration. 
Just like my garden. I just spent about a month with my friend John who is Hopi Tewa  . He is a real inspiration for me and my gardening. He has been gardening for a long time in the permaculture way and teaches it.  I have been an organic gardener  for the last 40 years. Sometimes having a garden and sometimes not. But I would never use chemicals that I know would give me , my family or animals cancer or make them real sick. That is a no brainer to me and always has been.
Going green is something that we started doing in the 70's.
It has just became popular and thank goodness for that. He told me about a book he read that I am currently reading it is called
The One - Straw Revolution. I just got started reading it. 
But while he was here I learned more about gardening than I ever have from any of the people who are master gardeners with certificates. He showed me and talked to me. Thanks you so much John! 
I wanted to say about that much for now. I love my leather and beads and I am keeping everything going just how it is but I am creating something new for my business which totally is a family affair with John and I and my garden which brings me great joy!
Let the magic begin!
If you would like to check out my new website project go here

Speaking about magic. There is hummingbird magic in my gardens.
Did you know they are good listeners.
As I stood watering my garden they would dance around me. They would sit right there in mid air and look at the water coming from the hose. They are so playful and beautiful!
In their honor here is one that I beaded.

From our garden a vitex - chasteberry tree in full bloom this year.

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Stop back in to hear more about whats up !
Love and Light!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Handmade just for you

A little something for summer gift ideas. Each picture is a link back to the shop.
I enjoy sharing all these awesome handmade shops. In this Etsy treasury you see a wide variety of special handmade earrings, beaded necklaces, crocheted dream catcher , heart dangle earrings, sea glass art , hand painted wine glasses , green dinnerware and so much more.

'Handmade just for you' by thunderrose

Beautiful handmade items from artists on * On Fire for Handmade.*Blessings!

Sea Glass Turquoise Blue Dan...

Lions Mane EBWC June Challen...

Love letter earrings

White Daisy - Real Flower Ga...

Purple and Red Heart Hanging...

Green dinnerware set Dinner ...

chalcopyrite 925 silver wire...

Shipping Free - Papercut - C...

Long Beaded Ethic Jasper Ear...

Hand Painted Wine Glasses Wi...

Cake Topper Snoopy inspire ...

Free USA Shipping - Soy Wax ...

Quilt block suncatcher, stai...

Blossom Bracelet

Pavé CZ Mother Of Pearl Tus...

Turquoise Chip and Faux Cora...
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beaded Wolf Paw Medicine Bag

Good Morning! Today I am sharing one of our wolf paw medicine bags. I love making these small pouches. The leather pouch is made in soft , saddle leather and measures 5 inches tall x 4 inches wide and has a 36 inch neck strap. If you prefer a drawstring pouch or a different color of leather, just ask. We are happy to help you.

Thanks for stopping in!
Thunder Rose Leather

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Purple Handmade Passion

Those of you who know me know I love purple. It is my favorite color. Although I do love all the colors and how we can put them together in our art and create amazing items.  
I have decided to revamp all my blogs. I have several and each one has a purpose. This blog is the blog I started out on many years ago. It has went through a lot of changes over the years. 
I decided that I wanted to try out a word press blog and I loved blogging there. So my 
Thunder Rose Blog lives there. 
Then I created my Etsy team Rainbow Artists and I loved wordpress so much that I decided to blog my team there. 
But to be honest I love blogspot too. I learned about blogging here. I guess you could say I have a little attachment to where everything started for me. In the beginning I was so worried about what to say and how to to it. But I jumped in anyway. Lucky for me everything was very user friendly. I got involved in a couple blog rings along the way , which was pretty cool.  I have learned over time that I enjoy blogging for others but I still need to promote myself. I am really grateful to Tim from Handmadeology for the treasury tool he made for us. 
Now I can blog for myself and add a really great treasury filled with my Etsy friends. How cool is that. 
I would like to suggest to all our friends that having a blog is a fantastic idea for your business. You just need to create one and let your inspiration flow. Start slow and you will more than likely end up loving it. One thing to remember is pictures don't really search but text does. So always remember to do a write up of some kind with great keywords so you will get found by just the right people in search.

On one of my favorite teams and I have several favs. On Fire For Handmade is one I have been on for along time and now am a leader on. It has grown so much and is a wonderful team. This week we are celebrating the color purple so I found some really fantastic items in purple just for you. 
First of all I am going to show you one of my purple leather bags then a a wide variety of beautiful handmade items like purple beaded jewelry, unique purple lamps, purple home decor, purple hats , purple cards and so much more.

Now for the stunning amazing collection of purple I found...............

'Purple Handmade Passion' by thunderrose

A wonderful collection of handmade purple beauties from The On Fire For Handmade Team...........Enjoy your day!

OOAK Purple Lilac Glass Lamp...

Limited Edition - Purple Lea...

Mandala Beaded Necklace - pu...

Amethyst Bracelet Gemstone J...

Lilac Birdhouse Nightlight L...

Purple Passion Treasure Vint...

Bohemian Hat Purple Crochet ...

Triple Wrap Bracelet Beaded ...

Purple Bookmark, Beaded Book...

Mystic Quartz Pendant & Amet...

SALE/ Fast Shipping / Weddin...

Purple Embroidered Jewelry S...

Miniature Purple Pansy Flowe...

Spring Folk Art Primitive Ea...

Purple Silk Scarf, Wool Scar...

Birthday Card - Girlfriend -...
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