Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My latest projects art and gardening

 My latest bead work project was a beaded hummingbird bag.

 I love making beaded hummingbirds. As I sit in my garden they will come right up to me and stop in mid-air to say hello. It makes me feel so good.
The hummingbirds are doing some amazing dancing right now. 
Another project I have been doing is painting a table and some free benches someone gave me for our garden.

My garden is doing real well. I had a lot of  trouble  with gofers last year. I had to redo several of my raised beds. The chicken wire that I have under my raised beds wore out and I had to replace it. So that was a big project. A lot of shoveling.
Here is a picture of  one of my beds.

It is very happy! I love gardening . It is so grounding .

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Hummingbird bag