Friday, September 21, 2012

Featured Artist Pam A BEAD THING

 Pam  is a member of  the HANDMADE ARTIST'S FORUM where you can go and join in all the fun of  sharing your art , discussing the topics of the day and make really cool friends who love to help one another to understand the many things we all have going on in an artist's world. Pam and her daughter Leia also have a really nice store

Pam has a passion for creating handcrafted jewelry. It all started one day when she was watching her daughter Leia play with beads. The more she watched , the more interested she became in creating her beautiful line of handcrafted jewelry. Here are a few pieces of  Pam and her daughter's wonderful jewelry.

These earrings are simple, lovely, burgandy colored with a swarouski crystal at the bottom.

 This necklace is called Day at the Beach, just look at the beautiful colors and you can see why.

I just love the beautiful emerald green swarouski crystals in this bracelet with the gold colored beaded surroundings.
This piece is so elegant!

These swarovski crystal earrings are lightweight and really stand out.

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