Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bead and leather supplies

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and all is well ! I have been changing things up a bit in my routine and I must say it feels refreshing. I haven't blogged here in awhile but I do love this blog. This is my first blog.  I have done so much here and I learned about blogging here. Now I have a wordpress blog too. I like both really. I also have an Etsy team I blog for on wordpress Rainbow Artists. Today I would like to talk about our supply shop on Etsy Thunder Rose Supplies. We started this shop because we make so many leather scraps, laces and I buy beads in bulk for my beading projects , we thought we could offer some for sale. Instead of clogging up our finished product shop Thunder Rose with boxes of leather , lace and beads let's open a supply shop and offer some to other crafters at a good price. We have glass seed beads mostly in size 11 because that is what I use in my projects 

This is just a few of the many items we offer. The finished products you see in the pictures are showing beautiful color combinations I have used in my beadwork projects. I sell all the colors of these beads in our supply shop .
We also have different colors of laces that we cut as you can see in the picture.
We have medium flat rate boxes of leather scraps for small leather projects.
We also sell antler tips like these
We have some drilled and some plain. 

We have decided to run a 10% off sale . So, if you see something you like, stop by our Etsy supply store and check us out.

To see our finished leather goods, leather handbags , baby and children moccasins , custom pipe and flute bags , and medicine bags go here:

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Have a beautiful fun weekend!
Love , peace and light!
Debbie and John