Monday, November 26, 2012

Featured Artist April "Brooklyn Bead Goddess"

Today I am introducing you to a beautiful, creative artist, April, brooklynbeadgoddess . Her work is exceptional. 
Not only does she create beautiful jewelry but she makes her own lampwork glass beads.
Lampwork is used to describe handcrafted glass beads that are made by melting glass rods with a torch. The word lamp was used in ancient times when the glass was melted with the flame of an oil lamp.Today the craft is called flameworking.
Here are a few of April's beautiful pieces of jewelry.

 I love this bling for your handbag. What a great addition to a handbag.

Purple is my color. Love this!

Gorgeous earrings !

A beautiful beaded necklace!

April is a fellow artist on 
to see more of her work go here
What great Christmas presents all of these pieces of handmade jewelry would be for your special loved one!
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May your life be filled with happiness !


  1. lovely items. I think it's great how different bloggers will write on the same shop, but share different items. And all her items are great.

    1. Thanks Debbi, We are all just spreading the word in a different way. It is really great to see. It's so cool that April makes all her beads.

  2. Short and Sweet, Debbie! I love that purple and blue necklace too!

  3. I agree with above comments. Great items and yes we all do create our blogs with different items, but we also show different perspectives on the same artist I think. Also, yes short and sweet, sometimes I wish that I could do short and sweet, yeah, maybe, or maybe not. :0

  4. Great educational post. I love that you gave the history of lampwork. You have great examples of her work.

  5. Love her work. Lampworking is indeed a very specialized art form.

  6. What a great idea for the purse charm!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think so too!

  7. Super post for a super artist. Lovely selections of her jewelry. Nice feature, well done.

  8. These pieces make such a statement!