Sunday, July 20, 2014


I would like to introduce you to Cari Baker from
Cari makes Unique jewelry for unique women.

Cari designs beaded wire crochet braided bracelets that she has branded Braidlets. She taught herself to crochet about 11 years ago. Over the years she has made baby items, hats, lapel pins, scarfs and jewelry. Cari discovered crocheting wire and beads and loved the simplicity of creating one of a kind jewelry by crocheting beads to wire.
On Handmade Artists , as part of  our blog ring  this week we are blogging anyone we want to. I want to honor Cari Baker. Cari works real hard for all handmade artists by blogging different people on her blogs Crochet by Cari and Handmade by Cari . She also does Discover Handmade on Handmade Artists and helps out everywhere else she can. Cari is an inspiration and a great friend. When I first starting blogging and especially in the  Handmade Artists Blog Ring . I was new to blogging other people at the time so I jumped in and Cari and a few others really inspired me. It is so cool to have online artist friends who help one another. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about having a blog to go ahead and start it. It has really been good for me and our business. After you get a blog and learn a little about it join a blog ring .
I love Cari's Handmade Artists shop. Her Jewelry speaks for itself. 
Lets take a look.

Over 80 Amethyst Swarovski Crystals will decorate your wrist, while wearing this handmade wire crochet bracelet.  Amethyst is the birthstone for February, this bracelet would make a super gift for that special someone.

This is a stunning bracelet!

This beautiful set is lightweight, comfortable, handmade with attention to detail. This would make a really special gift.

This is an amazing rose and pearl crystal  bracelet. This would look so beautiful with any outfit when going out for a special evening and would be the perfect jewelry gift to make your significant other feel real special.

A beautiful Swarovski crystal handmade bridal bracelet for your special wedding day. It is elegant and light weight .


As you can see Cari is an amazing handmade artist. To see more stop buy her shop.

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  1. Debbie… So sweet of you to write this amazing post about me… Thank you! As you know I am a firm believer in paying it forward. Especially when it comes to those who create handmade. We have come so far… and we have an open road ahead of us, where we all can soar! From my heart… Thank You Debbie!

  2. You certainly selected some of Cari's best designs. She does such a great job at combining shapes and colors. Thanks to both of y'all for what you do for HA.


    1. She sure does. Thanks John! Thank you for all you do too.

  3. Awesome post Debbie, thank you so much for introducing Cari and her beautifully unique "braidlets!" Very cool :)

    Congratulations to you Cari, it's nice to meet you - I'm a new follower on your blog, I love it - thanks for all the great info there!

    Have a great day ladies, you're a huge inspiration - I just may have to finally get started on that blog after all this time spent procrastinating, Lol! :D

    1. Thanks Janice! Let me know when you start your blog.

  4. OMG, you chose a worthy artisan, all around a huge help around and her jewls, I was in love a long time ago and still am. That pink one just has my name on it....I juts know it, as soon as I have a lil to get it. Cari you are amazing and thank you for all you do. Please folks check out her shop,♥

  5. Wow her creations are gorgeous, the braidlets are great. That amethyst swarovski crystal bracelet it awesome, looks like something else I just gotta add to the wishlist. Wonder if anyone checks that list out, must post it to others LOL. Cari, thank you for all that you do and Debbie, thank you for bringing her to the forefront.

  6. I love her jewelry....and that set with the ring is my new favorite.