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Handmade Artists Selling Online

One of the greatest things is being able to sell your Handmade artwork online. All artists are always looking for a really great place to sell their work. One of the things that is always important to us is being heard and treated fairly. That is something everyone can find on HANDMADE ARTISTS .
It's also very important to have a place to connect to other artists who are dealing with a lot of the same things as you are.There is so much more to doing this than just creating new things. There are many things to be done all the time. Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen , the owner of Handmade Artists , being artists themselves have thought of it all. They created an ARTIST FORUM where we can gather and talk to each other, ask important questions or just shoot the breeze. Making friends along the way has meant so much to me. I have meant so many really wonderful people on Handmade Artists. We have a community of kind and caring support.
As an artist and a small business owner for 25 years now I have found that business is always changing and one important thing is having a community that is supportive.
On handmade artists we have highlights. This is where you have the opportunity to share other artists. You may select 20 different artists of your choice to share the love too. When you are all done your highlight will be featured on the front page of Handmade Artists as you as the curator. Everyone has equal opportunity. Every artist that is featured will have front page time. How amazing is that.....
Not only that but every time you add a new listing it goes to the front page for all to see. 
Andrew and Kimberly are always promoting everyone through social networks.
Here is a blog feature that Kimberly did for our Handmade Artists Shop
Handmade Artists is a great selling site. Andrew and Kimberly mission statement is:

Mission Statement

In order to understand our mission you must first understand what a handmade artist is.
Handmade Artists are weekend sculptors of stone and clay, garage rat woodworkers, grandmas and college students addicted to chainmaille and beads and other shiny things, steampunk creators, hobbyist knitters and crocheters, empty nest parents that do watercolors in the now, spare room. We are the reusers, recyclers and upcyclers. Some sell their work, while others are just "learn-a-holics" always looking for that next craft to try.
Handmade Artists' like these and others have joined together on the Handmade Artists’ Forum and become a small community of people banded together in an effort to support each other and handmade.

What do you do on the Handmade Artists' Forum?

Share creations like that first necklace or a painting.  Seek advice from others who've "been there, done that". Learn how to make your creations better and take better pictures of them. Offer help to those turning their happy pastime into a full fledged business. Support each other when you just can't seem to make it look like it looks in your head. Have fun and always remember; the crafts may be different, but we are all passionate about art and always respect each other’s dreams. Offer compliments, critiques and kind words. The competition is friendly and lighthearted.
We promote each other's works, with free advertising of online shops on the forum and through online programs like Twitter and Blogging. While there are no fees or dues to be a Forum Member, we ask that in exchange for advertising your work, you participate in the discussions in a positive and friendly manner. Friends are made fast and easily here.

Who can join the Forum?

Basically anyone! Handmade Artists' Forum is a family friendly group. We encourage all creative people that work with their hands to make decorative, functional, and FUN items to join our Forum. Who knows, you may teach US something.

The Handmade Shop is Born!

This forum quickly grew and a need was apparent. There was a forum full of beautiful handmade art that needed to be shown to the public! Our artists sell all over the place; some sell at craft shows, street fairs, or other online venues and some even have brick and mortar store fronts.
The next obvious move was to take this small community of artists and give them a strictly handmade outlet to sell their creations and The Handmade Artists Shop was born!
Our primary mission for the Handmade Artists' Shop is to support handmade. There are so many mass produced items out there that it often feels that the world has lost the respect for the small, independent merchant. It is so easy to go to one of those mega stores and get everything you want in one stop. Some of us think it’s better to take some time and create something with our hands and our imaginations. Our goal is when you visit The Handmade Artists' Shop you will feel the passion and understand that we truly love and support handmade.

Thanks for stopping by our blog and taking a look! 
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