Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Organic Garden 2013 so far

It's the beginning of a new year of gardening and I must say I am very happy so far. In other words it's looking like a good year. I am an organic gardener, I make my own dirt from compost. Thanks to my neighbor I use horse manure, a small amount of goat manure and a little chicken poop. It's mostly horse manure though. It's very plentiful where I live.
Here is my compost bend. John and I just built this one this year. Before I was just putting a fence around it.

 We made this compost bend out of palates. It really works very well.

Here are a few pictures of what is growing.

 This is our feverfew plant. It's a very beautiful plant and does very well here in Arizona. It is a herb used for pain.
As you can see I have different plants growing in my raised beds. I do companion planting. I learn something new about that every year.
This year I learned that beets and swiss chard will cross pollinate. So from now on when saving my seeds I need to collect swiss chard one year and beets another.

This is our beautiful sage plant. It makes food taste so good. We like to put some it in our roasted vegetables.

These are our tomatoes and leeks and a couple pepper plants. They are just getting started but they are really looking very healthy.

This is our summer squash. Rosie is checking it all out. 

My leeks and lettuce are going to seed here and a sunflower volunteered  to come up this year.

Some purple cone flowers and chives and a few swiss chard plants are in this raised bed.
 Our thyme, parsley and more swiss chard. We love swiss chard.

This is our rainbow chard going to seed.

Yummy lettuce!

 This is a portion of my garden. I love to sit here in the mornings before I start working on my leather and beadwork. It's a great place to just be.
Thanks for taking a look.
Do you garden? 
Blessings to you !


  1. Oh, I'm so envious of you! What a great garden! When I had a house, I used to square foot garden and was so surprised at how many things you can fit into a box. I love raised bed gardening. And great that you're doing it organically. Keep us updated on how it all does over the summer. If I could bend over for longer periods of time, I would love to have a garden again. It's just too hard. I certainly have the yard for it and the horses and cows live next door. Oh, if only...

  2. what a lovely much work, but the food tastes so much better. and if chicken poop is good fertilizer, then my yard should be lush and green this summer. lol

  3. Love your garden. The compost bin is way too cool!

  4. Your raised beds look great (and easier to weed) I garden on the ground and my theory is weeds help hide the plants from the deer:) Go Compost!

    1. Thank you! They really are easier to weed. We needed to make raised beads with chicken wire underneath due to gopher problems.