Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From the garden

Good Morning! It's a beautiful day in Arizona. I just sat in the garden and watched the sunrise. We have a few clouds because some weather is coming in so that makes the sunrise even more beautiful. This blog is my own little corner of the world where I can share my aspirations, inspirations and artwork with my family and friends. I have been playing in my garden in the afternoon. Here is Arizona spring is here. The trees are out mostly, not the mesquite trees they usually come out in April. I really love mesquite trees . They are a desert  tree. They don't require a lot of water and do very well on their own. The one you see in this picture lives in our garden. It is really big and beautiful.  This is a picture from last year when the leaves were out.   I enjoy sitting and working in my garden. It is a great earth connection place for me. Sometimes I get into a flow planting and playing that I can't help but feel guided by the wonders of nature. It means so much to me. It is a balance for me. Another one of my favorite trees is our chaste tree. We look forward every year for the beautiful purple flowers. The hummingbirds love to work the flowers.  
Another one of my favorites is our rose bush. It almost always blooms by Mother's Day.  So here is a little bit of the beauty from my garden. 
I am looking forward to showing you the new bushes we planted this year.

"Look, it cannot be seen - it is beyond form.
Listen, it cannot be heard - it is beyond sound.
Grasp - it cannot be held - it is untangible.
These three are indefinable;
Therefore they are joined in one.
Lao Tsu

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