Sunday, March 29, 2015


It's a nice warm spring day in Arizona. It's a really quiet and laid back kinda day. Sometimes on Sunday's its like that. Not always but today it is quiet and nice. We have been working on a couple new things this week so I thought I would share stories with you.
I have had this pink and green turtle for awhile trying to figure out what exactly would it like to be on. This was inspired by a mother of a child who was making pow wow regalia. She wanted to buy  three of them from me but ended up taking two. That's okay it gives me a chance to do something different. So I finally came up with an idea. A while back we purchased an off white soft tanned white cowhide that is just fabulous. It feels really good and you know leather, it smells great too! When I did art shows the biggest thing I noticed is how fascinated everyone is with the feel and smell of leather. Well in our shop every time we get another bunch of leather we get the full on experience of the smell and feel of the beautiful leather hides we get. Each one has got its own uniqueness. 
When we start a project we  lay the hide out on a really big leather table and see what it has to offer. That is why every piece is different in our made to order shop.
This is our leather table with a hide stretched out. 
Anyway I thought it would be fun to show you our leather table. It is awesome.
Anyway this is how it all starts.
Of course I have my beading table with all my cases of beads in my cave. (special place to bead)
Then you have my walls of beads. 

We have a bead  and leather scrap store on Etsy. So I have a lot of beads and a lot  of scrap leather.
We don't always have a lot of scraps and leather laces in the store but we would gladly sell you some if you contact us.
We have plenty of scraps......For sure!
Well about that pink turtle, I made it a home and this is what it looks like......

I almost always bead in rainbow colors or fire colors so this was real different for me but it turned out real nice. I have learned in the past 25 years of beading the phrase different strokes for different folks is so very true. So I do try to mix it up a bit.
You can find this bag in our Etsy store.
This bag SOLD! Soon after my blog post. If you need something like this or even different contact me. I would be happy to help you.
Thanks for stopping by!
Blessing to you on this fine Sunday evening!

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