Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Handmade leather tote by Thunder Rose Leather

 We have a  new bag to show you here at
 Lets start with this beaded sunburst large tote.
This elk skin leather tote with a beaded sunburst is a great handbag for your everyday needs. It has an extra pocket inside and a comfortable strap if you like to wear your handbags crossbody.
This bohemian gypsy style is for the free spirited person who likes to be different and unique. It goes well with your skirts or a pair of jeans. This bag is designed by us, beaded by us, one stitch at a time and one bead at a time.
There is a lot that goes into making a bag. All the way from laying out those large elkskin hides and finding just the right pieces for a bag, cutting and punching the whole bag out, cutting the sewing laces and cutting the fringe.Then sitting down to sew.
Once the bag is complete there are finishing touches. Cutting the antler toggle and buttons and attaching them. 

Each fringe is tied on one at a time.
 You can see the antler buttons on the side giving this leather tote even more support and a beautiful decoration.

The bead work, a sunburst rosette is beaded in an assortment of rainbow colored beads. It is made and then sewn onto the bag.
I love to lace around my bead work designs to enhance the look.
It gives the bag and the bead work a different dimension.
You can find this bag here
Thanks for stopping in and taking a look.
May you be filled with peace, love, light and happiness.


  1. Hey there, gotta tell ya, I just love that bag. As a seed beader I really appreciate the beadwork. The leather lacing around it, sure is a cool addition.