Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thunder Rose Leather Newsletter

Today is Saturday Jan 12, 2013. I decided to do something different with my blog. Everyday I work hard making beautiful handmade items for people all over the world. Living outside of Sedona Arizona and having done many art shows and being in different galleries in the pastJohn and I have sold our buckskin leather bags all over the world
Our business Thunder Rose started with a prayer one day. I started beading a few years before creating with leather. I was always looking for my nitch in crafts. Then one day while at a friends house I was introduced to beading. Well, I became addicted to beads . I started making earrings and I just went on to wanting to learn more.
Being a back to the land hippie with a love for Mother Earth and all things spiritual, I grew in my Art. The beads lead us to buckskins. John became interested in developing designs for our handbags, and all the other items you see us make. He is so good at creating new designs for our leather bags.
We are so grateful to all of our wonderful customers over the past 25 years for helping us slowly build a business that works. We are on a slow and steady path on all levels. It just works best. 
When we finally decided to go online, it was so exciting. We had no idea about the internet. We bought ourselves a small used laptop and walla here we are today. We built our first website
It took us awhile but we slowly figured it out.
Then we found Etsy!
What a great find that was for our business.  
We are always looking for new places to sell our handmade wearable items. We were looking around  and found
Another really great selling site.
Then about one month ago we found 

Since being on line, on all these different venues I have made some great internet friends. I have gotten involved in different blog rings and teams. People helping people! 
I'm still learning about all of this and opening up to be able to write my thoughts and share whats on my mind. To me it all takes time. 
I really enjoy being able to feature other artists. I am pretty simple about it all because that is how my mind works. My heart feels happy when I can make a difference. It's all in the doing.
This is the starting point for my first Thunder Rose Leather Newsletter. 
I hope you enjoyed reading my post. I would love to read your comments.  
Love, light and peace!


  1. I Really liked your post. You and John sound so much Like Dakota and I. I hope your newsletter goes well and I look forward to reading it.

  2. Thanks Karen. I'm so happy you stopped by and enjoyed it. It's a new thing I've been wanting to do for a while.