Sunday, March 30, 2014

New from Thunder Rose Leather

Spring is definately here now. Even my grape vines are getting there leaves. The only trees left to come out are the mesquite trees. They come out in April. I love mesquite trees. I have a really big one in my garden. They are a desert tree so they don't have to be watered.
A few things are coming up in the garden and the march winds have been blowing strong.
We've been busy in the shop. Thought I'd share a new thing or two with you today. I got some new beads in this week and as soon as I have a moment I am giong to post them in our leather and bead store on Etsy.
 This is one of my bead walls. I have one here by our singer sewing machine. A lot of medicine bags have been made on this beauty. 

Most of our work is hand stitched but a few things are done on a sewing machine.

 Here is something new form our store on Etsy.
Here is a new burned design that we were asked to do.

Our buckskin medicine bags come in many different sizes . Some are plain , some beaded and some burned. You should come by and check out the different ones in our Etsy store. If you go to this link you will find a whole section of medicine bags to choose from.

This post is short and sweet. Rosie and I need to get outside to the garden and see how things are going. (growing)

Here are some pictures of our beautiful mesquite trees. One is a summer picture and two are winter pictures. All are beautiful.

Have an awesome week! 

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