Sunday, July 26, 2015

The simple life

Good day!  Life as we all know can really be complicated. We call it white water around my home , when things go in that direction. Of course it never lasts forever just like the river the white water is always changing. So when you hit white water rest assured it will go back to calm waters. But don't get to attached to that either because life is change. You can't really stop change. If you resist change well you are in for a real struggle. But if you accept change you will be able to relax into it. 

Through those rocking  times when the boat is going up and down , from side to side and crashing around, breath.
Write in your Gratitude art journal , or start one. Give thanks for the precious life you have and always remember that this to shall pass.

Take a step back , relax into the present moment. Listen to the sounds around you, the birds or whatever is there. Breath.
Let go!

Honestly , this is a reminder to me!
There is always a rainbow at the end of a storm!
Thanks you Great Spirit! 
Much love and light to my fellow human beings!

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