Friday, April 24, 2015


At Thunder Rose Leather John and I have been busy making beautiful custom orders and  doing some gardening in the evening. It doesn't start to get dark now until 7:00 pm so we have the luxury of a long day. It's raining today yea!  The garden is looking good. We planted some really beautiful evergreen shrubs that are good desert plants and promising good shade in the afternoon hot sun. The leaves are red and green.
They are called Red Tip Photinia. They are so pretty! I am planting some purple sunflowers in between this year just for the beauty of all the colors and of course the birds love sunflowers.

We have a couple new items to show you. I love the way these leather phone bags turned out. The colorful bead work is totally my style. All bead work and leather work is my style. Ha ha!
I have always loved beads and leather and how they come together so beautifully.
So here you go, take a look.

A chocolate brown leather phone bag made in a soft, strong elkskin leather and has long tied fringe and a beaded sunburst. This is a great phone bag. It measures 6 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and has a 48 inch braided strap that is perfect for wearing crossbody. We can make the strap any length you like . We will always work with your needs. 


This fringed leather hip bag is made in soft, durable elkskin leather and and has rainbow colored linear bead work down the sides of the bag. This leather belt bag measures 7 inches tall and  4 inches wide ( not including the fringe. The belt loop fits up to a 2 inch belt.
The color of leather is saddle tan with chocolate brown leather lace.
If you go to the links provides at the top of the pictures they will take you to the place where you can see more details for these items.
Thanks so much for stopping in.

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