Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fringed leather handbag for the day

You want to talk fringe well let me tell you about this crossbody leather handbag. First it is made of chocolate elkskin leather and has tied , twisted fringe all around. There are many hours in this beautiful handmade, hand stitched fringed leather bag.  This is what I call a high fashion handbag but in the world of unique and not like you get from all the designers in Malls and department stores. These handbags are completely handmade by John and me at our home. We start with a hide layed out on our big leather table. First we look for the perfect lid that fits your order and then we go from there. Every hide has a different story , for sure. They aren't all perfect. They have scars and blemishes giving the bags and purses character. The older your bag gets the cooler it looks. We call it antiqued around our home. You don't have to do anything to these bags. Let them grow into you and your person. They take on a personality all their own from living with you.

This fringed leather bag measures 9 inches tall , 12 inches wide and 2.75 deep. It features an extra pocket inside, tied, twisted fringe all around , front and back and a 48 inch strap that is perfect for wearing crossbody. The closure is an antler tip.
This is the one handbag I choose to show you today!
For you to enjoy! 
You can see this bag in our Etsy store
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Blessings !
Debbie and John

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