Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A New Project

First of all I want to say I have turned off google + comments on my blog. Mostly because I want for anyone to be able to post a comment without having to sign up for google +. So I did loose all the comments I have ever had on this blog but that's okay. They are all in the past and it's a new day and what a good place to be, in the present moment. 
The title of the blog post is a new project and that is what I am up too. I am creating a website It is real new so I don't have a lot on it just yet. 
This is my way to feel like I have something that someone else (corporate America) doesn't have control of in our business life. Sometimes you just get everything going in a good direction and some ceo or programmer decides to totally go in a different direction and there you are. Don't get me wrong I am good with change and know it is a necessary part of life but  I also feel a need to create something new. 
I am not upset or talking about any one person or place in particular just have this need to do something different, call it divine inspiration. 
Just like my garden. I just spent about a month with my friend John who is Hopi Tewa  . He is a real inspiration for me and my gardening. He has been gardening for a long time in the permaculture way and teaches it.  I have been an organic gardener  for the last 40 years. Sometimes having a garden and sometimes not. But I would never use chemicals that I know would give me , my family or animals cancer or make them real sick. That is a no brainer to me and always has been.
Going green is something that we started doing in the 70's.
It has just became popular and thank goodness for that. He told me about a book he read that I am currently reading it is called
The One - Straw Revolution. I just got started reading it. 
But while he was here I learned more about gardening than I ever have from any of the people who are master gardeners with certificates. He showed me and talked to me. Thanks you so much John! 
I wanted to say about that much for now. I love my leather and beads and I am keeping everything going just how it is but I am creating something new for my business which totally is a family affair with John and I and my garden which brings me great joy!
Let the magic begin!
If you would like to check out my new website project go here

Speaking about magic. There is hummingbird magic in my gardens.
Did you know they are good listeners.
As I stood watering my garden they would dance around me. They would sit right there in mid air and look at the water coming from the hose. They are so playful and beautiful!
In their honor here is one that I beaded.

From our garden a vitex - chasteberry tree in full bloom this year.

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Love and Light!