Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Welcome to September!
So fall is really coming soon. Many of us are already experiencing the changes. Fall is my favorite time of year. The feel in the air is so refreshing. I have been working on doing some work in progress pictures of my bead work so I snapped a couple of pictures this month of my bead work desk. First I would like to show you one of our new bags and bead work. This one is a large bag done in chocolate brown leather with palomino lace. I added a beaded sunflower on the lid of the bag. The palomino lace really adds a nice dimension to this brown leather bag. This bag also features a extra pocket inside and one on the back of the bag. The shoulder strap is a comfortable flat strap that can be made to any length you prefer. Our boho style of bags are for one of a kind women. A little rustic, mountain women, cowgirl, boho chic, hippie kinda girl. A women that is not worried about fitting into the norm. 
Come by and check us out. We will create a custom one of a kind bag just for you.

Brown leather beaded shoulder bag

 A work in progress from my bead desk.

This is when I was working on the aloha turtle messenger bag.  Over the years I have accumulated some cool tools for my beading. My bead tray is just perfect for me. All my beads stay just where I need them to be. 

A Leather messenger bag
This is our messenger bag with the turtle on it. This is a fantastic bag. It is large enough to hold a small laptop , paperwork or whatever your needs are. It has an extra pocket inside and one on the back of the bag, a comfortable flat strap and fringe down the sides. This extra large messenger bag is a unisex bag. It would be perfect for a one of a kind woman or man.
To see more of our leather and bead work come by our shop.
Have a beautiful day and an awesome September!
Debbie and John

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