Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beads and leather

It's Sunday morning and I have been up since 6:00 AM . In Arizona,  this time of year you need to get up early and do your outside fun. We just went into summertime heat. So this morning Rosie (my furbaby) and I got up and went for a walk. Then we came back and did a little weed pulling in the garden. To all our fans , friends and customers we have some tobacco leather back in our stores. It is that beautiful  deep color of rust that we all love. It looks like this.

This is one of our native flute bags. I added a beaded hummingbird on this one. It also has a shoulder strap so when you go for a hike , go to the beach or whatever it is, you can safely take your flute with you. This flute bag also has a double drawstring for a closure and long double cut fringe off the bottom of the bag.
You can find this bag here.
If you need more details about this bag just click on the above link and it will take you to the bag.
This is a very beautiful, functional way to carry your beautiful flute. 
We make these bags custom to fit your flute. You can also get whatever beadwork you would like on the bag. I do many other beadwork designs.
I love beading. I have been beading for around 30 years now. When I first started beading I started making earrings. Oh what fun! All the colors of beads and I had such a passion to learn all the new stitches and put it all together. Then when I discovered how beautiful beads looks on leather well that was it. 
I always liked sewing but I have always been attracted to sewing by hand. So most all our bags are hand sewn. We do some small medicine bags with our singer sewing machine. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
You can find more of our flute bags, pipe bags , and cedar bags here.
Love and Light

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