Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thunder Rose Leather

Today I will be show casing some of my bead work that I have in our Zibbet store. Before I go any further I just want to say we have only been on Zibbet for about 5 months but I really love the community spirit. I also enjoy the fact that it's all handmade by you. John and I started a
on Zibbet. 
 So if anyone stops by and would like to be a part come by and join . We would love to have you. 
Valentines day is coming and everything is focused around it. So let's see if I can find you some fun gift ideas from THUNDER ROSE LEATHER .

This beaded eagle belt bag would be perfect for going hiking , horse back riding, riding you bicycle or an everyday hip bag.


The bead work is done in glass seed beads with rainbow colors. This medicine bag has a braided double draw sting closure and double cut fringe off the bottom of the bag.This beaded medicine bag has colorful bead work and can be a gift for a woman or a man. 
Something new in our store is beaded leather cuffs

Our leather cuffs have a magnetic snap closure . They are made of soft, durable elkskin leather and can be made in small , medium or large sizes. 

For the baby or young child in your life we have a variety of sizes of baby moccasins , toddler moccasins and children's shoes. They come in beaded or plain.



Now I would like to show you  our beaded leather handbags and our beaded totes.

This leather handbag is for the bohemian gypsy in you.

A beaded wolf paw tote is a great bag for your everyday needs.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look at our art. 


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