Saturday, July 7, 2012

Buckskin leather pipe bag with beaded turtle totem

Hello friends ! Today I posted this beaded bear claw Chanupa bag in our Etsy store. An elkskin leather pipe bag is a really great place to keep your pipe. It's safely protected while you carry it with you or just for keeping in your home. 

I beaded the bear claw with glass seed beads. This leather pipe bag has tied fringe down one side and double cut fringe off the bottom of the bag. The drawstring closure helps secure the pipe when you are not using it. 
I do many other kinds of beadwork just check our Etsy store
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This is another pipe bag with a beaded four directions

I have found that different tribes like the colors of their four directions in different places on the wheel. So just let me know what color you would like in what direction. 
These pipe bags are examples of bags you can order from us. We also have simpler styles like this

All of these chanupa bags can be made in different colors of elkskin leather. Email us at 
or contact us thru Etsy

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