Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leather handbags Beaded turtle purses

Good morning! It's Saturday and a beautiful day. The sun is bright the rain has passed and the air feels so good. I have been working on some new things this week. One is this leather handbag with a beaded turquoise turtle  that I will be sharing pictures of. As you know it is featured in my Esty store. This bag is not made to order it is ready for you today. The beaded turtle has a turquoise cabochon in the center. It reminds me of mother earth. The leather is elkskin. I love using elkskin leather for my bags and purses because it is strong and durable. The buckskin leather elk hides are perfect for strength and beauty.

I also have a beautiful fringed leather handbag with a beaded turtle that is ooak. This bohemian buckskin leather handbag is for the person who doesn't mind saying I'm a free spirit and love being one of a kind. This bag is made of dark chocolate elkskin and is so beautiful. It is also featured in my Etsy store and ready to ship. Wishing you a very beautiful day and weekend. Please feel free to leave comments.

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