Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Deerskin leather shaman's bag with beaded turtle

                                                    This is a beautiful white deerskin leather beaded turtle shoulder bag . The turtle features a four directions rosette in the center with eagle feathers. It is beaded by me, 
 Debbie Rodgers.  After I attach the beaded rosette I lace around it to make it stand out. This handbag has a flat strap that can be made any length you like.
There is tied fringe down the sides of this bag. The sides of this shaman's bag  are decorated with pewter eagle concho buttons and  glass bone crow beads.

This is a closeup of the beaded turtle, four directions,eagle feather rosette. The rainbow colors in this rosette is perfect for those of you who love the rainbows and bright colors.
The lacing around this beadwork adds to the beauty of this bag, making it feel complete.

This is a side view of this shaman's purse. You can see the pewter eagle concho buttons on the side of this bag and the tied fringe down the sides.

This is the back of this beautiful white deerskin leather bag. As you can see this is the back pocket.

This shaman bag can be made to order by contacting me on
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