Monday, August 15, 2016

ArtYah a new selling site

Good morning friends! Today I would like to share a new selling site that many of my friends are joining. It is an "all handmade site" with great customer service. The site is called ARTYAH.
John and I decided to open a shop ( Thunder Rose) on ArtYah and we really like the site. Many of us artists are all about handmade and not really interested in manufacturing out our beautiful art that we have worked so hard to create for many years. We have always enjoyed being one of a kind and taking care of our customers ourselves. We know when we make a handmade item for you it is going to be the best of us and not someone else's hands in the making of it. That said I would like you to also know that vintage and supplies are also part of ArtYah's site. That is so awesome! 
Today I am going to share a few of my ArtYah friends! 
So if you are an artist and love selling your handmade goods , vintage or supplies come by and check out the details.
If you are a buyer and would like to check us out come on by.

I love this wooden folk art wall hanging. Everytime you look at this it brings joy to your heart. It is so fun!


What fun it is to have your own personal favorite tape measure in your sewing room. I adore these. I know in my shop I love having fun personal items for my enjoyment. Oh and what a great gift for a friend!


Do you do yoga? I do and these are a really great idea for those winter months when you need a little warmth while you are on the floor doing your yoga. Love these!


Isn't this just the cutest wall hanging . I can see this in a nursery or a child's special room . It is so comforting and adorable. What a great gift for a new mom or a toddler's birthday.


This is a purple phone bag from my shop.  A great as a crossbody bag where you can keep your phone and a few other items when you are at a festival or out on the town.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look.
Be sure and check out all the great items on ArtYah!



  1. Great explanation of ArtYah. I have begun stocking a shop there because it feels like what etsy once was but is no more.

  2. What a fine presentation of some of the high profile Sellers that is attracting. Those whom Debbie has honored are well seasoned, experienced Sellers who stick together through thick and thin. The qualities that hold us together are our genuine love of exquisitely handmade gifts we are proud to pass on to our loved ones. Fabulous Customer Service has been the reason we have endured... the reason why we have so much respect for one another. Each of us feels certain that ARTYAH will become the handmade marketplace that Etsy once was. We have all been dreaming of a new home that embraces truly handmade goods rather than the "Unique Manufactured Goods" that has become the new benchmark at Etsy. We'd love to have other sellers of Handmade, Vintage and Supplies join us. We need those who are not faint of heart who are willing to ride the ups and downs of this new Handmade Marketplace as it is being carefully built from the ground up. It will be adequate reward to look back and know that we were some of the early Artyah pioneers. If dreams do come true... I believe it will happen for us at Artyah.

  3. Thanks so much for including my shop. ARTYAH has great promise & I look forward to a long and profitable relationship for us all.

  4. What a great blog post! Thank you for sharing ArtYah and it's sellers with your audience.

  5. Thank you Debbie for having my little mouse in the wonderful blog. Working on my inventory as I am typing. The hot weather is a little sticky with yarn, but my mouse family will be growing.

    1. Thanks Frauke! Your little mouse is adorable!

  6. Great article and features! I started listing there in July and am enjoying watching the growth.